Standard Chicken Treadle Feeder – four sizes available

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Chicken Treadle Feeders are the pinnacle of quality in poultry care. This innovative design minimises vermin, reduces waste, and is available in 4kg, 8kg, 12kg, and 20kg sizes. Featuring a sloping roof for water runoff, full metal construction with durable plastic accessories, and a quiet, rat-resistant build. It boasts a rounded anti-drip rim, an anti-waste grill, adjustable weight settings for door opening, and a stable treadle plate. Setup is a breeze with no tools required.

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This Chicken Treadle Feeder is designed to help reduce vermin problems and food waste. Stepping on the mechanical treadle, the bird opens the tilt door that gives access to the feed.

These feeders are completely 🇮🇹 Italian made making them of exceptional quality.

Our new standard Chicken Treadle Feeder is a new design reflecting our famous Supreme Treadle Feeders with a range of design changes:

  • Available now in 4kg  , 8kg , 12kg, 20kg
  • Sloping Roof: New sloping roof designed to facilitate the downflow of water externally, but now helps the outflow of condensation that may form inside.
  • Full Metal Construction with Plastic Accessories: Full metal construction to reduce problems with rats eating plastic and accessing the feed. Quiet hinges for the movement of the tilting door and lid are made of high-quality plastic for long life. Plastic supporting feet avoid the direct contact of the metal sheet with the ground to prevent rust that compromises the life of other treadle feeders.
  • Rounded Anti-Drip Rim: Reduces problems with birds from getting hurt while eating and reducing rain from wetting the food.
  • Anti-Waste Grill: Made of plastic material (that is replaceable) which prevents the birds from flicking and scratching out the feed.
  • Weight Adjustments: New easy to use design that is used to set the weight needed to open the tilting door. Improved with 12 weight options available. The cable is now easier to assemble and adjust without the use of tools.
  • Treadle Plate: Designed and tested to offer the bird stable and comfortable support.
  • No Tools Required: Standard design now does not require any tools for setup.

12-month warranty


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 20.7 × 22.4 × 47.1 cm
Capacity 11L
Feed in pellet 8kg
Animals/feeder 10 chickens


Weight 3.53 kg
Dimensions 20.7 × 22.4 × 59.7 cm
Capacity 16L
Feed in pellet 11,5kg
Animals/feeder 10 chickens


Weight 4.23 kg
Dimensions 33.2 × 22.4 × 46.7 cm
Capacity 19L
Feed in pellet 14kg
Animals/feeder 20 chickens


Weight 5.08 kg
Dimensions 33.2 × 22.4 × 62.8 cm
Capacity 30L
Feed in pellet 21kg
Animals/feeder 20 chickens


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Weight N/A

4kg, 8kg, 12kg, 20kg

6 reviews for Standard Chicken Treadle Feeder – four sizes available

  1. Robyn Inger (verified owner)

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A bit tricky to assemble even with the illustrated instructions.

  3. Cheryl R. (verified owner)

    A bit tricky to put together (instructions are not totally clear) but once constructed it is great. It has really helped with stopping rats easily accessing the chook pellets.

  4. Brendan (verified owner)

  5. Neil (verified owner)

    Good thing at least the sparrow’s rat’s and mice won’t steal their food anymore it will pay for it self in no time

  6. Nickie K. (verified owner)

    Great little feeder.

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