Vetafarm Avian Insect Liquidator- Ready to Use Spray

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Avian Insect Liquidator is a mite and lice spray with Insect Growth Regulator which controls mites and lice on ornamental birds and poultry and their environment.

500ml Ready to use spray.

  • Spray on their environment as well, including perches and nesting boxes
  • Kills mites (Dermanyssus spp and Ornithonyssus ssp.), lice (order Mallophaga) and other insect pests (spiders, ants, flies etc) on contact
  • Provides effective protection against re infestation for up to 6 weeks
  • Designed for use with ornamental birds, this product does not harm your feathered friends
  • A convenient spray that penetrates below the feathers to where mites and lice hide
  • An ideal treatment for coops and aviaries, killing insects that hide in cracks and bedding

Active ingredients:

  • Piperonyl butoxide
  • Permethrin
  • Methoprene


  1. For protection of up to 6 weeks duration, spray birds and thoroughly clean and treat the coop or aviary with Avian Insect Liquidator.
  2. When treating birds, avoid the eyes and beak. Spray onto feathers from 30-40 cm away.
  3. To treat coops and aviaries, remove bedding and clean the area. Spray generously with Avian Insect Liquidator, taking particular care to treat any cracks or corners where insects might hide, before replacing the bedding with fresh litter.

Always dilute Avian Insect Liquidator Concentrate before use. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, and follow product directions carefully.


This product is registered for ornamental birds. While many chicken owners use Insect Liquidator for their chickens, this use is off-label and residue data for meat and egg withholding times is not currently available. Any use outside of the label is at the users discretion.

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