Vetafarm Spark Liquid Concentrate 125ml


Hydrates and Supports

During times of extreme temperature, transportation, showing, illness, and recovery.

Energy and Electrolytes
Balanced electrolytes and carbohydrates to boost energy levels for recovery.

Easy to Administer
Simply add to your bird’s drinking water.

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Spark Liquid, formulated by veterinarians, is a fast and effective energy and electrolyte source to ensure optimum results for rehydration, replenishment and recovery.

An essential tool in times of extreme temperature, as a first aid supplement for sick, stressed or injured birds, and is also an invaluable tool for birds in transport or on show.

Why do we recommend Spark Liquid?

During times of heat stress (e.g. birds have their wings out, are mouth-breathing and are down on the ground) birds are undergoing changes in their body chemistry. Their blood pH is altering, their sodium and potassium levels are out of kilter and their fluid balance is incorrect. While we struggle to control the temperature, we must also help the birds return to normal as soon as possible – this is why we use electrolytes!

When we are talking about electrolytes – it is balance that is key. Not only do all body cells require electrolytes to function correctly, they require certain amounts of each type of electrolyte.

Along with the supplementation of electrolytes, Vetafarm Spark Liquid also includes vital carbohydrates that will greatly improve the recovery from stress, travelling, illness, and, of course, heat.

Directions for use


Add 20mL per 1L of drinking water.

(US conversion: 4 tsp per qt.)

Use as the sole source of water and prepare fresh solution daily.


Store below 30°C (room temperature).


3 years from the date of manufacture.

Each litre contains:

Glucose 135g,

Citrate ions 30.31g,

Sodium ions 13g,

Potassium ions 20g.

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