Wall-Mounted Nesting Box (Cozy)

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This wall-mounted nesting box is the perfect hideaway for your chooks to find some privacy.

Trendy colors, timeless design, and very easy to use.  The new My Cozy Nest™ by Olba B.V. (Netherlands) combines it all! This beautifully designed product is the perfect new asset for every backyard chicken keeper and a true eye-catcher in your chicken coop. And the most important of all? My Cozy Nest™ offers hens a comfortable and sheltered place to lay their eggs.

  • Innovative design provides a safe and sheltered place for your hens to lay eggs.
  • Minimum light, for comfort and feeling of safety.
  • Draft-free, but ventilation grills on the sides to keep the nest temperature pleasant.
  • High-quality impact-resistant & UV-resistant polypropylene.
  • Simple to clean and spill-resistant.

The nest is produced mainly from high-quality impact-resistant polypropylene in a trendy European brown and lime green.  The material and the shape make the nest easy to clean.  The height of the inside edges and the shape of the nest prevent the hen from scratching the litter out of the nest.

Perfect amount of light & no draft

The place a hen lays her eggs needs to meet a few conditions. The chicken’s natural instinct makes her find a place that meets these conditions. To just lay an egg somewhere in the coop is not an option, and neither is outside. That’s why a hobbyist needs to create a place that meets the hen’s natural instinct. This place needs to be dark and sufficiently ventilated. This makes sure the animals will lay their eggs in the desired spot. My Cozy Nest™ offers both aspects in exactly the right balance and therefore overcomes the common design errors found in many other brands of laying nests.  The ventilation isn’t created through holes in the side walls but via ventilation grills.  The amount of light coming from the front is fixed by a blackout nest box curtain made out of flexible plastic.

Pleasing to the eye

My Cozy Nest™ has an innovative design, happy shapes, and trendy European colours brown and lime green.  This nest is the perfect new accoutrement for your chicken palace!

My Cozy Nest™ provides a comfortable place for chickens of every breed and size. The blackout curtain and the innovative ventilation grills provide the necessary dark and sheltered place to lay eggs. Due to the use of high-quality impact-resistant polypropylene this product is long-lasting.  In addition, the shape of the nest makes it very easy to clean.

Designed by people with chickens

Despite the good looks, a product needs to be functional first and foremost.  Olba B.V. believes in the combination of those two, so this nest was designed by chicken owners FOR chicken owners.

An easy-to-clean laying nest is one of those things.  The My Cozy Nest™ comes with a sturdy non-skid step.  This way the animals can easily enter the nest. The nest’s topside is slightly rounded to prevent roosting on top of it.  And when the nest does get dirty? The way of mounting the nest to the wall ensures it can be taken off very easily as well and once taken off, one can simply spray it clean.

Made in Holland

Produced in Olba’s plastic moulding factory in Coevorden, this new generation of laying nests guarantees excellent quality at a very competitive price. One laying nest is sufficient for 4-5 hens.  Someone who owns 20 hens will need 4 laying nests.  Its capacity and easy assembly makes the My Cozy Nest™ the ideal item for every backyard chicken owner.

  • Dimensions 40cmW x 49cmD x 44cmH

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