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Physical barrier powder for topical application to poultry

Description / Dosage Feather and Skin Conditioner is aimed primarily at feather strength and maintaining healthy skin. The powder mix  has a gentle action and uses feathers to improve its contact time. Feathers and skin are overlooked in terms of impact on bird health. Healthy skin naturally repels moisture and infections. Day to day bird life is impacting skin constantly. Just as human hair likes to be conditioned, so do poultry feathers and skin. Healthy skin, strong feathers and healthy feather follicles, which grow strong and robust feathers – are the primary line in a birds natural defences.  Barrier skin product can be used at any time on healthy skin and when bird activity, such as mating, are going to impact feather wear and tear. The vitamins and amino acids in this product combine with the AFLB Zingiber powder to assist adherence to the skin and feather fibres. The result is a widespread barrier powder, with good moisture absorbing properties. The high level of hydrolysed proteins in the powder can act as a feather strength conditioning agent.

Routine whole bird application of Feather and Skin conditioner powder is recommended. Use at 5 – 7 day intervals is considered optimal, with 2 to 3 applications being best. As a guide, approximately 50gm of powder is needed to coat a large bird thoroughly. If birds are being prepared for showing then the interval can be reduced.

Feather and skin conditioner powder wraps around the small fluffy immature sub-feathers on the feather shaft. As the powdered feathers fold down into their natural position after application, the conditioner on the skin and feather fluff is trapped. The amino acids massage onto the skin and feathers, giving a long contact time. Naturally ocurring Zingiber fibres also help flake off dry skin. Normal feather ruffling and a reduced moisture environment discourage ectoparasites.  If you are applying the conditioner where there is sparse to nil feather covering, rub the powder into the skin using your fingers.  This product has a high margin of safety. Product that falls off the birds is environmentally friendly and low impact. Eggs laid during treatment can be used. Seek further advice if the skin quality does not improve following the use of conditioner. Do not use on wet birds. Natural ingredients can cause temporary discolouring of white feathers.

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