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This clean chick waterer is simply the easiest and cleanest option for raising chicks.  So clean and chicks pick it up straight away.

Traditional waterers get clogged with bedding, poop and feed. These clean chick waterers stay clean – all the time. I have been using mine for weeks and haven’t had to clean it yet!

Chickens are naturally attracted to shiny objects (smart!).  As soon as they see the nipple, they are instinctively inquisitive, and start pecking. This starts the water droplets, and they then know exactly where to go for water. Simple.

Just fill it up, hang it up and you are ready to go.

Use from day-old chicks.


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17 reviews for Clean Chick Waterer

  1. Wendy Allen (verified owner)

  2. A.W.

    This waterer is GREAT! Highly recommend.

    This is brand new (not just a recycled honey container as it may look), easy to take the lid off, VERY easy to see at a glance if the water needs refilling or changing. The chicks took to it very quickly. I bought 2, one for inside and one for outside the coop. All chickens use it, not just chicks. Would like to also see a larger sized one. So clean and easy! Excellent. So happy with this purchase, would purchase again and Highly Recommend this product and this company.

  3. Suze (verified owner)

    Brilliant! I bought this for my chicks as the usual ground watered was full of bedding literally a minute after I would clean it. Drove me nuts & made me worried my chicks wouldn’t be able to access drinking water throughout the day. This is such a simple but brilliant idea. They took to it quickly and now I’m buying two more as they’ve grown and go through more water every day. Wish these came in a bigger size…… but for now, my girls will have 3 of these water sources for guaranteed fresh water throughout the day that stays clean and doesn’t get contaminated with bedding & poop.

  4. andrew n. (verified owner)

  5. Kylie Read (verified owner)

  6. Roslyn Day Anderson (verified owner)

  7. Portia (verified owner)

    Hasn’t leaked yet and they took to it straight away! Using it as a 2nd drinker with apple cider for my quail.

  8. Lyn M. (verified owner)

    These have been great in the brooder box this breeding season .

  9. Penelope (verified owner)

    Such an excellent invention for the chicks. Easy to clean too.

  10. Sharyn (verified owner)

    Young chicks worked it out quickly

  11. Neita Pope (verified owner)

  12. Helen Waldron (verified owner)

  13. Rose H. (verified owner)

    Perfect for the first week or 2 for new chicks in the brooder. Used for my 18 chicks. I have ordered a bigger drinker for 3 weeks and beyond mostly because I have a lot of chicks lining up at the drinker.

  14. Kirby (verified owner)

    I personally wouldn’t go anywhere else. The sales and service is fast with a great range of products to purchase or a plethora of DIY options.
    Communication is first class 👍🏼

    Image #1 from Kirby
    Image #2 from Kirby
  15. Elisabeth B. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these, no more messy waters for my chicks. As a breeder of 100’s these are a game changer.

  16. Gerry A. (verified owner)

    Great waterers for the baby chicks just hatching. I was surprised how quickly they went to it 👍

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

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