Chicken Toy – Hanging Vegetable Basket Toy – Small

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🥒 Your chooks will ❤️ this chicken toy
🥒 Clips onto any wire cage
🥒 Keep treats clean & sanitary
🥒 Reduces waste and soiled food
🥒 Chew proof construction
➡️ Did you know, a chicken that is not provided with adequate enrichment and mental stimulation will be more inclined towards problem behaviours. Feather pecking, bullying, egg-eating, and even cannibalism are almost always a result of chickens that are confined without proper enrichment.
➡️ “Enrichment efforts focus on giving animals control of their environment and opportunities to use the skill sets they’re supposed to be exercising in the wild,” says Andrews, who works for Natural Encounters, an animal behaviour facility in Winter Haven, Florida.
➡️ Our hanging vege basket toy (available in two sizes) are perfect for providing enrichment for your chooks. They hang, but you could also put them on the ground for the chooks to roll around!
➡️ Keep your chooks 🐔 entertained for hours!
I hang some cabbage, lettuce, corn, and really anything I can squeeze in! 🥦🥬🍉

Large version also available

Also suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, pet rats and other small animals-chew proof construction

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6 reviews for Chicken Toy – Hanging Vegetable Basket Toy – Small

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Emma P. (verified owner)

  4. Emily (verified owner)

    My chickens love his with leafy greens or fruit. I like that I can clip it at any height or location to keep them entertained.

  5. nina mcgurk (verified owner)

  6. Melissa Foster (verified owner)

    Great product ! Fill it with greens , apple & cucumber, the girls love it .

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