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Introducing our must-have Chicken Toys – Vegetable Basket in a large design! Give your chooks a feast of fun with this versatile toy that can be filled with their favourite veggies and fruits.

Hang it or roll it, our chicken toys are designed to keep your feathered friends entertained for hours on end. Here’s why our Vegetable Basket is a game-changer for your chooks:

  • Hanging Basket Design: The specially designed basket allows you to fill it up with a variety of mixed vegetables and fruits, providing a delightful treat for your chickens.
  • Reduces Contamination: With our Vegetable Basket, you can say goodbye to soiled food. The elevated design helps keep the food clean and prevents contamination.
  • Great Boredom Buster and Enrichment Toy: Keep your chooks engaged and mentally stimulated with this boredom-busting toy. It provides the perfect outlet for their natural foraging instincts, ensuring they stay happy and entertained.
  • Sturdy Metal Construction: Crafted with durable metal and powder coated for added strength and longevity, our Vegetable Basket can withstand pecking, playing, and all the excitement your chooks bring to the coop.
  • Easy to Attach: The basket conveniently clips onto any wire cage, making it simple to install and adjust according to your chickens’ preferences.
  • Size: Our Vegetable Basket measures approximately 14.5cm in width, providing ample space for your chooks to peck and enjoy their nutritious treats.

Did you know that chickens without proper enrichment and mental stimulation are more prone to problem behaviors? Feather pecking, bullying, egg-eating, and even cannibalism are often a result of confinement without adequate stimulation. Give your chooks the best care possible by providing them with the enrichment they need.

Looking for a smaller option? We also offer a small vegetable basket to cater to your specific needs.

Give your chickens a treat they’ll love and watch them have a clucking good time! Order our Chicken Toys – Vegetable Basket today and let the entertainment begin!

Small vege basket also available

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7 reviews for Chicken Toys – Vegetable Basket – Large

  1. Debbie T. (verified owner)

  2. Renata (verified owner)

  3. Nicole (verified owner)

  4. Kim W. (verified owner)

    My girls have so much fun with this, I can fit all sorts of large fruits and vegetables,

  5. Christine Cabassi (verified owner)

    My chooks are all the lettuce up with out wasting any on the ground.

  6. Rene W. (verified owner)

    Chooks love it with garden veggies spilling out of it.

  7. Tracey Hacket (verified owner)

    The girls had a ball chasing the swinging cabbage

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