Rollaway Battery Nesting Boxes with legs – double sided


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Battery Nesting Boxes – Double-sided

  • Top-quality – affordable price
  • Convenient design
  • Made in Spain
  • The rollaway design ensures the egg rolls safely away upon laying and prevents poultry from destroying their own eggs
  • Features a front guard to help prevent the birds from scratching out bedding
  • The sides are made of galvanized steel while the sloped top and internal floor is a durable plastic that has been used so it will not rust, rot or corrode
  • There are openings on the sides and designed into the plastic bottom nest to allow airflow and ventilation
  • The laying trays slant forward slightly allowing the eggs to roll forward under the green front lid and stay protected from damage

Detachable plastic basket insert makes for easy cleaning

The easy-to-clean removable trays and metal design makes this nesting box extremely simple to clean. Debris will fall through the netted trays and any excess can be cleaned by removing the trays and wiping down, along with the metal, with warm/boiling water.
  • Available in 8-hole, 12-hole, and 16-hole
  • Legs included

• The double-sided versions are designed to sit in an open area with the nesting boxes facing two ways and are only sold are in double row variations

• Assembly of the nesting boxes is required which are then attached to the legs (all hardware supplied)



  • Twelve hole: 850mm x 1055 x 1210 h
  • Sixteen hole: 1111mm x 1055 x 1210 h

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8 hole, 12 hole, 16 hole


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