Sprouting Mix

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This sprouting mix only includes grains that have been certified for sprouting purposes. Mixed, polished, and dust extracted for a superior sprout count.

Certified seed is far more likely to have a high sprout rate when compared with regular birdseed.



*More easily digested than a grain

*Loaded with chlorophyll and beta-carotene – brighten up those yolks!

*Packed full of vitamins and minerals

*Rich in antioxidants for immunity

*High protein – low fat

*Year-round access to greens


Have you noticed how popular microgreens and sprouts are these days, utilized as healthy food? Well, there is a good reason for it! Sprouting barley, peas, beans, alfalfa, sunflowers, and other seeds vastly increases their nutrient density. During the sprouting process, enzymes within the seeds are activated and enhanced far beyond what you find in the raw seed, or even what would be in the future mature vegetable or plant for that matter.

Studies show that a germinated seed (sprout) can have up to 4,000 times the concentration of enzymes and antioxidants than an un-sprouted seed! Similarly, the sprouts of grains, legumes, nuts, beans, and seeds also contain far more protein, vitamins, minerals, and available fiber than their seed form. Furthermore, the proteins in sprouts may also be easier to digest. This is because the sprouting process appears to reduce the number of anti-nutrients — compounds that decrease your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from the plant — by up to 87%!

Full Sprouting Kit also available.

Contains Grey Stripe Sunflower, Mung Beans, Popcorn, Green Pea, Blue Pea, Oats, Wheat, Barley.

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14 reviews for Sprouting Mix

  1. Jess (verified owner)

  2. ROSS BROWN (verified owner)

  3. Jennifer Leaver (verified owner)

  4. Nicola F. (verified owner)

  5. Kelly (verified owner)

    Nice clean products

  6. Annabelle (verified owner)

    My chookies are loving their sprouted treats

  7. Annette C. (verified owner)

  8. Edith Chapman (verified owner)

  9. Melissa (verified owner)

  10. K T (verified owner)

    Love the online info on how to have healthy hens. Many thanks. As for products they are as described. Fast delivery. Thanks!

  11. Janette O’Brien (verified owner)

  12. Rachael (verified owner)

  13. Nancy N. (verified owner)

    It contained assorted mix and was very pleased as it sprouted easily.

  14. Kylie Barrett (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure it would work (or that I could grow it). So pleased that it worked so well and quickly.

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