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Fit Chick. Where we believe in keeping your feathered friends happy, healthy, and active! Our range of specially designed products is here to provide exercise and stimulation for your chickens, ensuring they live their best clucky lives. From pecking playtime to coop workouts, we’ve got it all covered.

Monkey Bars:

Let your chickens spread their wings and show off their acrobatic skills with our Chicken Monkey Bars. This sturdy, all-weather structure provides various bars for your chickens to jump, balance, and play.

Foraging Ball:

Encourage natural foraging behaviour with our Foraging Ball. Fill it with your chickens’ favourite treats or fresh herbs, and watch them peck and play, promoting mental stimulation and physical exercise.


Chick-a-swing Swingset:

Watch your feathered friends swing into action with our Chick-a-Swing Set! Crafted with durable materials, this swing set provides hours of fun and exercise for your flock.


Packed with a powerhouse of essential nutrients, Supertreat serves as a delightful yet nutritious addition to your chickens’ diet. Its carefully curated ingredients, including premium grains and natural supplements, support robust feather growth, enhanced immune function, and overall vitality. This special treat is not only a delicious indulgence for your flock, but also a strategic component in their fitness regimen. Elevate your chickens’ health and happiness with Supertreat, because they deserve nothing but the best!

Why Choose Fit Chick?
  • Expertly Designed: Our products are designed by poultry experts to cater to the unique needs of chickens, ensuring they get the exercise and mental stimulation they crave.
  • Durable and Safe: We use high-quality materials that are built to withstand the rigors of chicken play, while also being safe for your flock.
  • Happy, Healthy Chickens: Regular exercise and mental stimulation lead to happier, healthier chickens. A contented flock lays better eggs and has reduced stress levels.
  • Easy to Use: All products are user-friendly, and we provide detailed instructions to help you set up and make the most out of them.

Elevate your flock’s fitness journey today with the Fit Chick bundle. Your chickens will thank you with happier clucks and more joyful flaps!

You can read how to keep your chicken fit and healthy here!

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